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10 Essential Pieces of Earrings

Earrings are one of the most indispensable accessories for girls. Whether you carry earrings with a saree or a regular jeans top, it enhances your overall look. Earrings are essential to switch your look from a chilled out girl to a traditional girl. Earrings tell a lot about your style statement. There are so many types and designs of earrings available in the market; each one has its own purpose and styling. If you are wondering what the must-have earrings are, then look no further. Let's discuss various kinds of earrings that should be a part of your collection, no matter what. We will also give you styling tips for each type of earrings.  Hoops/Rings One of the most popular is hoop earrings. A classic for women of all ages, these earrings are one of the lightest pieces of jewellery you can wear. Hoops or Rings earrings come with a metal tubing with a thin wire attachment that passes through the ear piercing. The thin wire then slips into the tune behind the ear and locks the ea
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Imitation Jewellery

Indian fashion jewellery has undergone an extreme alteration in the last few years. This market has risen as one of the fastest-growing markets as contrasted to any other market. This market is predicted to be encompassing 600+ billion by end of this year due to tremendous need.  The imitation jewellery market is overwhelmed with all ranges of ornaments, starting from cheap to some of the most excellent kind of jewellery with engaging designs, amazing metals, semiprecious stones all are used in it. At the same time, the products are durable and the customer gets in return, what he has paid. The primary reason for the emerging of Indian fashion jewellery in the young generations with such a breakneck speed is due to tremendous demand, Bollywood influence, affordable cost, security, etc. Apart from women, even men's style jewellery accounts for about 15%  of the total sales.  Fashion jewellery also called artificial jewellery are the hot sellers in the festive season, marriages, part

Idea of Minimalism

 In the last several years, the idea of minimalist fashion has risen and taught us the power of "less is more". This concept is to strip design elements down to their essence and achieve a decent and simplistic fashion. This also implies the wardrobe should be reduced to its necessary elements what is a must. Following clothes, the jewellery industry has also taken some moves for the minimalist. It is to create the class of jewellery, that is conscious in its form, materials, quality and space. It is about barely adding the authentic jewellery elements, mostly which are lightweight, easy to wear on a daily basis that adds worth to the jewellery wardrobe. Minimalism is not just the new emerging trend but can be the future way of life.  To start with, just ask yourself some questions: Does the idea of cleaning up your wardrobe, and discharge all the unrequired jewellery sounds amazing to you? Do you want to get dressed up quickly, without wasting time choosing from the abundant

What all we don't do with our hair?

 What all we don't do with our hair? We shampoo it, we conditioner it, we brush it, blow dry it, sometimes we iron it, spray it, we do curl or perm it, we also braid our hair, we also trim it, straighten it, colour it, decorate it, and the list can go on. Our hair likewise goes through -hard water, salted or chlorine water, damaging germs, smoke, dust, pollution, heat, cold, sweat, oil, hair accessories, and bounty more. So unquestionably after this, our hair demands nourishment, proper care and attention. Remember hair care should always be a part of our daily routine. It is fairly important, similar to brushing your teeth, daily shower, dressing up for office, sleeping, etc. So our hair should be routinely cleaned, brushed, washed, air-dried, combed keeping our hairstyle in consideration. It gives a self-satisfaction and also a great look and feel for ourselves. Similarly to taking care of your hair, choosing the right kind of hair accessories is fairly important. We should alway

Hair accessories are not a recent invention

 Accessories are one of the significant things that are assumed to be your main concern if you want to look charming. There are a lot of kinds of accessories that you can mix and match with your dress.  Likewise, it goes with your hair accessories. Accessories always add new to your hairstyle, and it also looks so beautiful and pretty if wrapped or tied or even twisted or inserted into the hair properly.  People likewise use jewellery, flowers, feathers, shells, etc. to decorate their hairs. Hair accessories are not a recent invention. The traditional availability of hair accessories can be traced back several thousands of ages. Previously flowers or simple wood and some time bones were perceived as the first type of hair accessories. However, it can be argued that it was used to outline hairstyles back then.  To this day, hair accessories have expanded in very distinct ways. There are now no substance restrictions. Young girls, teenagers, children all are desirous about hair accessori

Oxidised Jewelleries

 Not Beauty and the Beast but Beauty and the Silver oxidised jewelleries. Conquer this colourful world by wearing black or white with Silver oxidised jewellery and get all of the lights land on you! Silver oxidised pieces of jewellery are magic in themselves as they can be paired with Indian as well as western outfits of all colours... The engaging effect of oxidized jewellery is its compatibility with a varied vary of attires. From the simplest fabric or designer dress, it can be paired with all. You are already beautiful inside out and so with the beautiful heart in and Silver oxidised jewelleries out, enhance your beauty! Just in case someone calls you black-hearted or a black beauty.... put on black, style it with Silver oxidised jewelleries and let them stand in awe of you!!

Fashion and Spirituality

Fashion and spirituality has always a hidden relationship. In the ancient period, there are many instances when religion and spirituality had clashes with fashion, no matter it was clothing, accessories or the way of using it. But on the other front, throughout these year's, fashion has also performed a major part for building religion and spirituality. We have seen some of the fashion trends are directly related to the religious or spirituality trend and some are inspired or influenced by spiritual symbols, religious belief and faith. Instances like wearing the cross, tulsi beads, jewellery which is related to chakra, stones jewellery used for astrology, metals ornaments of body elements and many more. Even many pieces of jewellery and accessories can be seen has religious significance related to them. Example like mangal sutra, bangles, toe ring, or applying vermillion, etc. by a married woman is considered the protection of his spouse from mishappenings. Earrings which is worn a

Judging a book by its cover is unjustified?

 Judging a book by its cover is unjustified, but we all do it. It is a human characteristic. How you look, how you appear to all, influences your career, your life. There is no other approach around it. Your attire, your jewellery, hair accessories speak about your ethic, ambitions, professionalism, judgment, confidence, belief and a lot more. And this judgment is made too fast within a millisecond, or you can say in a blink of an eye. Dressing is crucial in most industries. Well-dressed persons have more chances to get a promotion than others. Your dressing style is one of the four main pillars for success which include -knowledge, appearance, confidence and preparation. Similar to clothing, your jewellery and hair accessories also says a lot about you. For example, girls who like to wear large jewellery such as big earrings, dangling necklaces, extravagant rings are more likely to active, bold, extrovert and pleasant person. Similarly, ladies with studs are more likely to be the self

Jewellery from Ancient Period

 It is rare to find any woman in early India who may not have ever loved to adorn herself with jewellery. Jewellery has not only traditional and artistic value but is also viewed as a source of assurance in times of monetary emergency in India.  But the narrative of Jewellery started in India from the ancient period.  There has been no crafts or creativity, so closely connected with the beginning of all things as jewellery. It was very much dependable upon these early provisions of nature and those of the artist who works on jewellery and precious metals and cut and polish of the hardest gems. Jewellery gained a lot of experiences in their art since the earliest beginning. A precedent of the same can be still found in modern jewellery which shows that there is still a close affinity to the earliest attempts at shaping metals and setting stones. This is also due to unchanging metals, their alloy, constituents and properties of the materials on which it is created. It may also be the rea

Modest Pieces of Jewellery for Everyone

 Every woman needs a few pairs of jeans, several sets of shoes, a tux jacket, several basic smart skirts, a corporate suit, a turtleneck sweater... I could go on with my massive list you know... But, she needs a few modest pieces of jewellery to enhance her clothing. There are few basics of jewellery for a well-dressed lady. Choose whatever of them in a flash and I can assure you, it will represent you- who you truly are with a concise.  Studs earring No girl can delete this famous and timeless object from her wardrobe. Studs are simple, attractive and wearable. It goes with any hairstyle, dress and jewellery of any kind. Usually, studs appear as solitary gems out of all. It should be in every girl's earrings collection. Although it may vary from very huge studs to little ones depending upon the choice. Hoop earrings The most salutary thing about them is that, you can use them with informal or formal outfits. They can look remarkably chic for a cocktail look, while also appear surp