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10 Essential Pieces of Earrings

Earrings are one of the most indispensable accessories for girls. Whether you carry earrings with a saree or a regular jeans top, it enhances your overall look. Earrings are essential to switch your look from a chilled out girl to a traditional girl. Earrings tell a lot about your style statement. There are so many types and designs of earrings available in the market; each one has its own purpose and styling. If you are wondering what the must-have earrings are, then look no further.

Let's discuss various kinds of earrings that should be a part of your collection, no matter what. We will also give you styling tips for each type of earrings.


One of the most popular is hoop earrings. A classic for women of all ages, these earrings are one of the lightest pieces of jewellery you can wear. Hoops or Rings earrings come with a metal tubing with a thin wire attachment that passes through the ear piercing. The thin wire then slips into the tune behind the ear and locks the earring.  Hoops earrings are so convenient and comfortable to wear. These earrings look good with both Indian and western wears. According to your outfit, hoops/Rings gives you plenty of options ranging from simple ones to some heavily embellished ones. We have one recommendation for you, choose lighter ones for your western outfits and stone/pearl-embellished ones with your Indian clothes!!

Ear Cuffs

 Ear Cuffs are like pieces of jewellery that are designed to hold the upper portion of the ear. You don’t need to have pierced ears because the earring is designed in a curved shape that fits snugly around the folds of the outer ear. When you feel like a classic pair of earrings is not enough, add unique ear cuffs earrings to enhance your look to cutting edge style. As the trend and obsession with ear cuffs continue to grow every season, you can carry them with your western and Indo-western wear.

Chandelier Earrings

 Yet another master crafting these Chandelier earrings has been around for a long time and looks stunning with Indian and western outfits. You could try the gold, oxidized and also the diamond ones to match your dress. It is a total must-have!!


Jhumkas are one of the popular earrings for girls. These are the “go-to” pair of earrings for all of your traditional outfits. They come in different shapes and sizes like gold, umbrella, stone studded, multi-step and much more. This is a pretty safe bet if you carry them with sarees, especially the silk ones. 


As the name suggests, these earrings are in the shape of a moon. Chandbali comes with crystals and fringed with tiny pearls. We can say that these are a piece of art converted to an earring. These earrings have been around for a long time now and constantly gaining popularity among girls. You can pair them with a lehenga or any Anarkali to reap some quality compliments from your friends and family members. 

Jhoomar Style Earrings

These earrings design will make you remember the time of the Mughal Era. Jhoomar Style earrings look fantastic with any heavy Indian wear. These are your essential multi-stringed earrings embedded with precious & semi-precious stones like kundans, polkis, pearls, emeralds, and diamonds.


These earrings feature a gemstone or some other ornament mounted on a narrow post that passes through a piercing in the ear or earlobe and is held in place by a fixture on the other side. Studs generally come in the form of solitaire diamonds. There is a lot of variety in studs earrings, from really big studs to small studs, these should be a part of girls earrings collection.

Needle Thread/Tassel Earrings

One of the latest earrings to get a modification are none other than Needle Thread or Tassel earrings. They were popular in the nineties with their light design and style statement; these earrings are again in trend. Many girls added these to their collection recently. These are must-have earrings for girls for your Indo western and western outfits. 

Earrings with Chains

These are also known as “Nose Chains”. These earrings are suitable for your typical weddings outfit, where you have small chains attached to the earrings. You can style them straight and pinned to your hair or the side and pinned to your hair. We suggest that they look nice with braided, updos and half updo hairstyles and heavy Indian outfits, especially sarees. 

Antique finish earrings.

As the name suggests, Antique finish earrings provide a unique and special charm. As in our homes, we take care of all the antique things from the past. These earrings also give you a rich-heritage type look and compliment your traditional and wedding finery. 

As, it is evident that there are many kinds of earrings available for girls to choose from. Every particular earring plays a different role in elevating a girl’s outfits according to the occasion. These are the most essential accessories in girls outfit. Their design makes them so versatile that they can elevate your looks to the next level.

Let us know in the comment section which type of earrings is your favourite and which one you will add the following in your accessories.



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